Was it not just yesterday that she was sitting in your closet, trying on your high heels, twirling in her little tutu?


When did she become a high school senior?  When did she become a young woman?


We all know the saying, "The days go slow, but the years go fast."  We live it every day.  But here you are, Mom, staring into the eyes of your little girl, now entering that momentous final year of high school, perhaps a little stressed over academic challenges, or college prospects.  Perhaps a little nervous about what's just around the corner.  But surely thrilled over the fact that the next year is all hers.


It's essential that you capture this year for her.  For both of you.


That's where I come in.


I know high school seniors better than anyone.  I live with a dozen of them every single school year.  I have photographed them for a decade.  My mission is to capture their beauty, while filling their souls.  I love nothing more than to use my camera to empower teen girls, and to connect mothers with their daughters.


So take a good, long look at that gorgeous girl of yours.  Maybe wipe that tear you're trying to hide from her (teen eye roll!).  And then call me.


I'll create an experience for the two of you that you'll both cherish long after the cap and gown have come and gone.


All Package Prices Include Session Fee.  Non-Refundable Retainer of $100 To Reserve Date.

***Senior Friend Sessions of 3 or More Are Designated The Elite Collection.***