As a mom, I know you're thinking about your children's future all the time.  And part of that should include capturing memories for them to cherish long after your gone.

But it's certainly not all you're investing in.  Which is why I firmly believe that portraits should not break the bank.  It's also why I feel strongly about sharing my prices right here with you.  A lot of photographers feel differently, and I can respect that.  But the moms I know, love, and serve need transparency, they need honesty, and they need to know what they're investing in, and how much they'll be investing.  And they need to know up front.  I know that you moms are already super busy.  So I'm not going to waste your time by sending you on an exhausting search.

I'm also not going to confuse you.  

I offer three portrait packages, and I work almost 100% digitally, which means I let you moms decide later what to do with your images.  I'm here to provide you with digital portraits, and that's what I do best.  

All Package Prices Include Session Fee.  Non-Refundable Retainer of $100 To Reserve Date.