Your One Word: Moving Forward
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At the end of 2015, I wrote a blog post about finding that "ONE WORD" to be the basis of your 2016.  If you didn't catch it, YOU CAN FIND THAT BLOG POST HERE.

Now here we are, already at the start of March, two months gone from 2016.  I cannot get over how quickly time passes.  As I've been saying since my kids were toddlers, "the days go so slowly, but the years go so fast".  I hope you are enjoying your last days of winter.  I hope your days aren't feeling too slow, and I hope your year is flying by too fast.

I thought it would be fun to go back and revisit that "ONE WORD" that you chose, or maybe that word that chose you.  I thought it would be good for us to do a little "March Check Up" to see if we've been considering that word in our daily lives, in our work days, in our parenting, in our personal walk.

If you would be so willing to take a few moments with me, grab a pen and answer these few reflective questions:

1. Do you remember your word?  Is it written somewhere as a reminder?  If not, write it down.

2. Are you still feeling strongly about your word?  Do you still believe this is your "ONE WORD" for 2016?

3. If not, why?  What has changed?  Have you felt drawn to a new word?  What is that word?

4. If your word still burns strong in your heart, what are you doing about it?  Have you been led to action based on that word?  Write down an example or two.

5. Have you found a quote or a scripture that exemplifies this word for you?  More than one?  Make a list or a collage of inspiring quotes or Bible verses that speak to your word.

These questions are meant for thoughtful reflection, so take your time with them.  Don't feel rushed to answer them all in one sitting.  Instead, spend time on each one alone.  After all, this is a word you want to reflect on for the entire year.  This is something you want to carry with you each day of 2016.  Spend time on this.  Pray on it.  Journal about it.  Maybe discuss it with a friend.  Consider ways to apply this word to your everyday life.  

In fact, let me share with you a free printable that you can use to reflect on this at greater length.  I always love to write things out on paper.  Maybe you do too.


Enjoy some time reflecting.  I'm going to take my printable and do exactly the same with my ONE WORD.  I'll let you know how it goes.  You be sure and do the same!

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