The Momtography Mini Workbook Is Here
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By Jennifer Lebo
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Moms, I get you.  I AM YOU!  I know that your kids are the most beautiful, the most precious, and the most insane creatures you have every laid eyes on.  I know that every single day they do something that either makes your heart melt, or maybe skip a beat in your chest, turning your hair another shade closer to gray.  I know that the days go sooooooooooooo slow, but the years just seem to fly by.  Your kids are the best kids in the world, and if you survive today with them (or they survive each other today!), then you want to have tangible memories of this day.  Not just the special occasions each year, but today.  This random summer morning, which is nothing special… except that it is so special, because it's a day with them.


But who can afford a professional photographer every single day?  And in what world (besides reality TV) does a person with a camera follow you around capturing all the beautifully mundane moments of your life?  Yeah, I didn't think so.

So who is going to capture all these special everyday moments?

You, that's who!

Now I know what you're saying.  "I don't even know how to use a camera!  I can hardly get a handle on my iPhone camera, let alone the DSLR that I got for my birthday!"  I know.  But I'm here to help.

And yes, I know what else you're saying.  "I don't have time for a photography class!  I've got work, and home, and those kids we were just ooh and ahhing over!"  Yes, I know that too.  But I'm here to help.

And yes, I know what else you're saying...

I get it.  I'm a mom, remember?  So I think like a mom, I shoot like a mom, and I create like a mom and for a mom.

Yes, I create like a mom and for a mom.  And so my latest creation is Spruce Up Your Momtography (And Have Fun While You Do It!), a mini workbook created just for moms to offer you some simple but effective tips on how to capture the beauty of everyday life with your kids.  It's a mini workbook which means you won't need to carve out a month to go through it (because what mom can do that???), but it's got enough good stuff in it to give you a solid jumping off point to get out there with your kids and capture some great shots.

It's got instructions, examples, and assignments to keep you learning, visualizing, and working.  


Yes, I said free!  Why free?  Because I'm a mom and I get moms!  And any smart mom out there needs to be sure of what's she's getting before she invests one single penny in it.  

I want every mom out there to have something quick and easy in her hands to help her start capturing her family's everyday moments today.  I want to make moms' lives easier, not give them something else to stress over.

So moms, this one's for you.





Then get out there and enjoy today with your kids.  After all, today's a special day, right? 





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