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Five Composition Tricks To Try Today
Five Composition Tricks To Try Today

 Two of my last three blog posts were about photography, specifically lighting.  Today I’m going to talk a little bit about composition.  No, not every blog post will be about photography.  I do love geeking out on all things involving a camera, but there are other things to talk about, and talk about them we will. However, today let me share with you a few simple tips on how to improve your everyday photos with composition. Simply put, composition is the placement of objects and elements in a work of art.  So how you decide to compose your photo can mean the difference between a throwaway snapshot and a beautiful portrait.  There are a lot of tips out there when it comes to composition.  Today I’m going to share five simple ones. Get A Little CloserWho or what is your subject?  What do you want your viewer focused on?  One of the best ways to take the guesswork out of this is to get closer to your subject.  Let her fill up your frame.  I often tell myself to get close enough to feel like I’m too close.  Then get a little closer.  Leave no room for question.  Let your subject take over.   Get THEM A Little Closer (To Each Other)It is often the case when people are in photographs together that they are uncomfortable with getting too close.  But the closer ...

The One Must For Taking Your Own Family Photos
Five Composition Tricks To Try Today

 The other day I was chatting with a friend who had just had her first baby.  After we gushed over the little guy for a while (seriously, he is the CUTEST thing!), I mentioned to her that I was going to be creating some teaching resources for women, and that she might want to check them out, as this little man was only getting cuter by the second, and she was going to want to have every moment documented.  She was delighted to hear about this, but when I assured her that all she would need is a DSLR, her smile turned into this sort of blank stare. A what? A DSLR. More blank stares.  And then I realized my mistake.  I’d assumed that everyone had a DSLR- and that everyone knew what a DSLR was!  And we all know the problem with assuming… It seems that if I’m going to start teaching the basics of photography, I can’t assume that everyone has the one item truly necessary to do so. A camera.   A DSLR  is a digital single-lens reflex camera, or a fancy way of saying what everyone else calls “a nice camera”.  Not a little “point and shoot”, and definitely not your phone.  I know we all have cameras in our pockets now, but if you want to take your family photos to the next level, you need to upgrade to “the nice camera”.   WHY DO I ...

Quick Momtographer Tip
Five Composition Tricks To Try Today

 Hello and happy Monday!  I've got another momtography tip for you today, and it's a great one for summer!I'm not sure about the rest of you, but the sun is looming large and wonderfully here in our beautiful Rocky Mountain State, and so today's tip is about embracing that sun and playing with it a little bit.Today I'm going to talk with you about backlighting.  Simply put, backlighting is when your light source (the sun in this case) is actually behind your subject and you are shooting into that light.  It can be tricky, but it's fun to play around with, and you can capture some soft and stunning images this way. A few simple tips to help you on your way to backlighting.1. USE A REFLECTORI know that not all of you own fancy photographer's reflectors, and that's ok.  I've used white poster board, or even just my white shirt.  If I know I'm going to try backlighting and won't have an actual reflector (or someone else to hold one), I make sure to wear white.  Even that will help to reflect some of the light behind your subject onto her face. 2. EXPOSE FOR YOUR SUBJECTWhen you are trying to backlight, your camera will want to expose for the scene behind your subject, especially if you are shooting with your phone or on automatic.  What will happen then, is that you'll have a lovely sky and a dark, underexposed subject.  Not ...

How To Shoot Portraits and Landmarks
Five Composition Tricks To Try Today

 It goes one of two ways.  You've just returned home from the most fantastic family vacation and you can't wait to share your images with the world (gotta love Facebook!).  So you post some pics from that day you spent at Niagra Falls.  Or Fenway Park.  Or The Field of Dreams.  And you get one of two responses.Either people say "Wow, great photo of your kids there, but where is that?", because you went for the cute faces and so lost the entire landmark.Or, you remembered to actually include the landmark, and so people comment with, "Wow, how cool that you went to Fenway Park, but which of the tiny heads are your kids?"  You got the giant sign or feature, but lost the kids in the process.There's an easy solution to this, but bear with me that my visuals will have more to do with soccer fields and athletic equipment because that's about the only way I can get my model to cooperate for me.  You'll get the idea, though. In the first image, you can see that I went for my son's portrait and in the process, I missed the entire landmark, which here is the soccer net.  It's actually necessary for the shot because without it, he's just a kid standing here with a soccer ball.  There is no story.  No "landmark".  No point to the image.Now in the shot below, I remembered to shoot the "landmark", but in the process I shrunk my ...

Five Tips For Great Summer Photos
Five Composition Tricks To Try Today

 How are we at the end of June already?  Why does summer always go so fast?As some of you know, our family is in the midst of summer fun, as we are vacationing on the east coast.  We've got mini family reunions to look forward to, lots of day trips, and a wedding in two weeks to cap it all off.  I'm trying to find time to blog in the midst of camp outs and drive-ins, but family time is tops on the priority list, so little writing is getting done.But that's ok!  A few weeks ago I connected with Kendall, a sweet mom to two boys, and a blogger of Life Breath Present.  I shared some tips with her for her blog, and thought I'd share her blog post here with you all.  Take a quick peek at these simple tips to create great summer photos wherever you are!CLICK HERE FOR KENDALL'S BLOG POST FEATURING JLP'S FIVE TIPS FOR GREAT SUMMER PHOTOS! You can read more of Kendall's fun blog posts at Life Breath Present. Thanks Kendall, for sharing the blog love!  It was super fun connecting with you!