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The Top Tips Round Up
The Top Tips Round Up

 On Monday, I mentioned the chaos of this past month.  I'm betting that many of you are experiencing that same chaos.  Graduation celebrations are looming, the last day of school is drawing near for our little ones, and summer is on the horizon.  It's a crazy wonderful time.And a busy one!So today, I'm slacking again.  But even though I have no new thoughts for you today, I did want to treat you to some "oldies but goodies".  For you today, I've got my Top Five Blog Posts on Photography.  If you've never read them, here's your chance.  And if you already have, go back and check them out again.  Like I said, summer is looming and it's time to bring out those cameras! HOW TO TAKE PHOTOS OF YOUR KIDS TOGETHER WITHOUT HAVING A BREAKDOWN  TEN MUST-HAVE PICS OF YOUR DAUGHTER  MY CRAZIEST PORTRAIT SESSION EXPERIENCE  THREE GREAT POSES FOR GIRLS (AND ONE BIG NO NO!) IMPROVE YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY BY REFOCUSING: THE WORKSHOP Hope these Five Fave Blog Posts have sparked a desire in all of you to get out and get shooting!  Did I miss any favorite blog post of yours?  Let me know!  I'd love to share more!