Quick Momtographer Tip: Where's Your Horizon?
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By Jennifer Lebo
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Hi Momtographers!  How's summer going?  Have you been taking your camera with you everywhere?  Capturing summer moments of your family?  Need some help?

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Today I want to share with you one simple question to always ask yourself when taking photos.

Where is the horizon?

It's important to keep your horizon out of the center of your frame.  Put it in the center, and your viewer won't know what she's looking at.  Is this image of a beautiful sky?  Or of a beautiful landscape?  Where should my attention be?

 Now this might seem simple enough, but keep in mind that sometimes images have different horizons.  Like the image below.  Is the horizon at the top of the mountains, where mountains meet sky?  Or is it where the grass meets the dunes?  Hmm… tough one.  

Simple solution… keep them both away from the center of your photo.

Decide early on where you want all eyes to go.  Most times it's easy to tell.  The sky will stand out, or the sunset.  Or perhaps the gorgeous mountains, or a tranquil lake.  Wherever it is that you want eyes going, make that the majority of your image.  If it's sky, then make the ground 1/3 of your image (remember the rule of thirds?).  If it's your landscape, then your sky should just be 1/3 of your image.  

But what to do when faces are in the photo?  After all, this blog post is pretty much always about the beautiful faces that you want to photograph!  

Well, just remember the horizon, even when you're shooting portraits.  Take an extra second to make sure your horizon doesn't land right along the center of your photo and your portrait will be even more captivating.  

Simple composition tips can go a long way.  Just remember to always ask yourself, "Where is my horizon?"

Happy shooting!

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