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If you've read this blog with any kind of consistency, then you know that I am on a bit of a beauty journey.  This journey has taken me down several different paths.  I've been reading a lot of books, articles, and essays about beauty.  I've been talking with female friends and family about their own personal journeys.  I've photographed women with their friends and daughters through the lens of the beauty struggle.  And I've spent time in prayer and in God's word, searching for His truth on the subject.  I look for inspiration and enlightenment everywhere.

This past week I looked for inspiration from the most beautiful young lady I know.  My daughter.  I decided to sit down and chat with her about how she views beauty.  I thought it would be fun to get her perspective, and of course steal some photos of her while we were at it.  Her portraits delighted me as always, but it was her words that most surprised and impressed me.



Mom: What is you favorite thing in the world to do?

Brady: Any kind of art, or playing video games.

Mom: Who is your favorite friend?

Brady: Katie D.

Mom: What do you think is the most beautiful thing about you?

Brady: My heart.

Mom: Why do you think that?

Brady: Because God is in my heart and He made me beautiful.

Mom: Very true.  Who do you think is an example of a beautiful woman?

Brady: [My cousin] Hannah.

Mom: Why do you think so?

Brady: Because she is athletic, she has long, beautiful hair, she has awesome talent at sports, and she is always so kind to me.

Mom: What do you think makes a girl not beautiful?

Brady: I don't see any girl as not beautiful.

Mom: If you could have one thing to make you more beautiful, what would it be?

Brady: To become an artist.

Mom: What about physically?  If you could have one physical thing to make you more beautiful, what would it be?

Brady: Nothing.  I like who I am.  (well, maybe brush my hair, but don't write that, Mom!)

Mom: If you could teach girls everywhere how to be more beautiful, what advice would you give?

Brady: Always try to be as kind as you can be.


Our conversation was not long, and her answers were not elaborate, but oh how they impacted me.  I am so glad I took the time to sit down with this beautiful young lady.  I can remember looking at her as a little baby and thinking about all the ways I would pour the truth of beauty into her.  Turns out that at only 10 years old, it is she who is teaching me about true beauty.

I would encourage all of you ladies to have a Q&A with your own little girl.  My guess is that you'll be enlightened and inspired by the wisdom your beautiful daughter has to offer you, too.

And a special thanks to my Brady girl.  May you always know how beautiful you are.

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